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PAX-XL60® S (Polyalumium Chloride)

Kemwater PAX-XL60® S, Solid Granular Polyaluminium Chloride Silicate, is an effective coagulant for treatment of both potable water and wastewater. PAX-XL60® S is dissoluble in water.

PAX-XL60® S is a low-dose, prepolymerised aluminum coagulant, which reduces the sludge volumes and the need for pH adjustment. PAX-XL60® S also improves the filterability of the settled water, providing extended filter runs and extremely high rates of turbidity removal and lower alkalinity consumption.

Appearance Yellow-White powder
Aluminum 15.0 ± 0.3 %
Al2O3 28.4 ± 0.6 %
Iron (Fe) < 0.01 %
Bulk density Approx. 0.85 ton/m3
Basicity medium
Active material 5.5 moles/kg



In polyethylen 25 kg. bags.

PAX-XL60® (Liquid Polyalumium Chloride)

PAX-XL60® could be dissolved and delivered to any concentration 5-50% (%wt.)

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Last Update : 16 October 2009