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The Chemical Industries of the Philippines, Inc. (CIP) pioneered the manufacture of alum in 1957 in the Philippines with its primary customers, NAWASA for its liquid alum, and paper mills for its solid alum.

In the 1980's, certain detergent bar manufacturers started using ground alum as one of its raw materials. Since then, three forms of alum liquid, solid and powder, were being supplied by Chemphil to the water, paper mills and detergent industries.

In 1997, the Chemical Industries of the Philippines, Inc. (CIP), the management and holding company of the Chemphil Group, Chemphil Marketing Corp. (CMC), the 100% owner subsidiary of LMG Chemicals Corp., forged a joint venture agreement with Kemira Chemicals Oy (Kemira) of Finland, a world leader in chemical water treatment. It produces annually more than 1.5 Million MT of coagulants, enough to purify water for more than 100 million people. On November 3, 1997, KEMWATER PHIL. CORP. (KPC) was incorporated under the Securities & Exchange Commission. KPC started commercial operations on January 1, 1998.


Last Update : October 09, 2009