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We are pleased to announce that Chemphil Albright & Wilson Corp. (CAWC) will be officially known as CAWC, Inc. Upon the approval by the Securities & Exchange Commission of the revisions in the Company's Articles of Incorporation - the Company shall change its corporate name to CAWC, Inc.*  In the meantime, it shall be using its acronym, CAWC. We enjoin all concerned to use this acronym where practicable until its new corporate name CAWC Inc. shall have been officially approved.

CAWC has, through its 31 years of continued existence, achieved the status of a world class manufacturer of quality food, technical and ceramic grade phosphates and phosphoric acid products. As such CAWC has earned the acceptance and accreditation as a top ranking chemical producer and supplier by its multinational customers in the detergent and in the food industries.

CAWC will continue to pursue excellence in serving the needs of its domestic and export markets. CAWC, being an accredited food grade company by BFAD for its food products, endeavors to continue to develop new high value food grade phosphates. It hopes that in this way CAWC will continue to contribute to the economic development of the Philippines and the Asia Pacific Region.



* The Company's original name was Polyphosphates Inc. when it was established by Chemical Industries of the Phils. Inc (CIP) as a wholly owned subsidiary. In 1980, Albright & Wilson (UK) then one of the leading phosphate chemicals producers bought into the Company. In due time, the corporate name was changed to Chemphil Albright & Wilson Corp. In 2000, Rhodia acquired Albright & Wilson worldwide. Sometime in 2003, CIP bought back the shares once held by A&W. Thus, CAWC is now once again a wholly owned subsidiary of CIP.

Last Update : 09 October 2009