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KEMWATER PHIL. CORP. (KPC) today is a producer of solid and liquid aluminum sulfate, inorganic coagulant used for the treatment of both drinking and wastewater. Its alum plant is located in Bo. Kalawaan, Pasig, Metro Manila. KPC is the newest joint venture project of the Chemphil Group in partnership with Kemira Chemicals Oy (Kemira) of Finland. Kemira Chemicals Oy, with activities in more than 30 countries around the world, is a leading manufacturer of water treatment chemicals as one of its three business areas. This partnership was a strategic move geared toward the modernization of the Chemphil Group's alum facilities which Kemwater acquired at its inception in January 1998; and has since then operated under the Kemira concept.

Its customer base is mainly the water, paper and detergent industries for its liquid and solid aluminum sulfate.

KPC procures majority of its sulfuric acid requirements from another affiliate company if CIP, Chemphil Manufacturing Corp. whose plant is adjacent to KPC's.

In October 1999, KPC launched into trading operations in order to test the readiness of the Philippine market for higher technology products in water treatment. Kemwater PAX-XL60 S, a solid granular polyaluminum chloride silicate, which is an effective coagulant for treatment of both potable water and wastewater came to a certain degree of success. This augurs well for the advent of KPC's venturing into the marketing and distribution of other products such as polymers for a wide range of applications.


Kemwater regard the products that use alum: Water, Paper, Detergents - as vital for daily living and as such, Kemwater ensure that their customers get the best possible application and performance from its products by continually striving towards improvement in all its operations to meet the defined needs and requirements of all its clients and the authorities.

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