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Chemphil Manufacturing Corp. (CMC) is one of the affiliates of the Chemphil Group. It is owned 100% by LMG Chemicals Corp. (LMG).

The main products are: sulfuric acid - technical grade and chemically pure; oleum; and sulfur flakes. The manufacturing plant is located in Bo. Kalawaan, Pasig. 

CMC replaced its two old sulfuric plants in December 1994. CMC now operates a double contact/double absorption sulfuric acid plant using Monsanto Technology. 

CMC's sulfuric acid plant uses a technology that 

  • provides a clear solution to the critical problem of the local oil refineries - that of recycling the molten sulfur - a by-product that is a hazard to the environment if allowed to accumulate. CMC's sulfuric acid plant uses the molten sulfur as raw material. At the time of its inital operation, has exclusive molten sulfur off-take contracts with the three biggest oil refineries, namely, Shell, Caltex and Petron. (Caltex at this time no longer has refinery operations in the Philippines)

  • contributes to the solution of intermittent power shortage in the industrial community - in that the plant is equipped with a turbo generator that can provide power to the adjacent plants in the same compound. This way, it can minimize the dependence on the Manila Electric Company which in turn can more adequately respond to the other users of power in the community. 

Additionally, the manufacturing process is more environment-friendly with an SO2 gas emission of only 250 parts per million (ppm), well below the government's maximum limit of 1,250 ppm. 

The new acid plant reinforces CMC's dominance in the sulfuric acid with the four-fold increase of its production capacity from 24,000 metric tons per year (MTPY) to 90,000 MTPY, the nameplate capacity of the new acid plant.


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