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Born in Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija, Dr. Garcia graduated with distinction as Doctor of Medicine from the University of the Philippines in 1939. Even as a practicing surgeon, his entrepreneurial prowess was evident. A man of vision and keen business sense, he invested in various modest ventures, managed with the able assistance of his wife, Lourdes Mejia Garcia. From those initial investments and the business contacts they produced, there came a breakthrough for the Philippine chemical industry.

In 1951 , Dr. Garcia established a 30 metric tons (MT) a day sulfuric acid plant. The first of its kind in the Philippines, it proved to be a key contribution to the country's industrial and technological development. It also gives the company the distinction of being the pioneer of the Philippine chemical industry.

In the next twenty years, Dr. Garcia pursued an active program of development which saw Chemphil expand and diversify into major new chemical projects and other related businesses.


When Dr. Garcia died in 1976, he left behind him a group of companies whose dynamic growth had been achieved under his inspiration and leadership. In tribute to his entrepreneurial spirit, the Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers presented a special award in 1976, citing Chemphil for its pioneer role and its continued effort in enhancing the development of the chemical industry. Dr. Garcia's corporate aims still guide the present management and policies of the Chemphil Group.

"We in Chemphil will push through our main objective: the production of basic chemical products of the highest quality for the use of the different Phillippine industries. We will contribute our share in economic development so that our children's children may find this country a better place to live in."

Dr. Eusebio S. Garcia
December 16, 1910 - April 20, 1976


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