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The Chemphil Group of Companies, conscious of its role as a responsible corporate citizen, abides with the environmental laws of the land.

To ensure the success of such activities, the company works hand in hand with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA), Local Government and Barangay Officials.

The necessary clearances and permits to operate are continuously obtained but the company also strives to continually minimize wastes by selecting and adopting various schemes in its manufacturing operations to ensure it does not contribute to polluting the environment.

In the phosphates operation, the recovery of carbon dioxide, a waste gas in the production of STPP, is in effect. Major revisions in the tower design were implemented to minimize particulate emission. Also, the adoption of bulk transport minimizes the use of PP bags. A waste water treatment plant is in operation to ensure the plant's effluent meets the standards prior to discharge to the river.

In the sulfuric acid plant, the double absorption technology was adopted in order that the stack emission is well below the limits of the government standards for the industry. The heat of combustion of sulfur is utilized not only to generate steam but also to generate electricity, an important energy conservation technology.

The Group shall continue to explore new technologies that will minimize wastes with the ultimate aim towards zero waste management.


Last Update : 09 October 2009